“Thank you endlessly!”
Famous last words.
We are the only oneness left
being, knowing, enjoying.

The Zeroth Principle

Yes! I think it’s a dot
but when I lean closer
it might be a hooo…
…………le. Oof!


Molting an aeon’s dream as
lids split to rays of ice
cream on mirrors
raising eyes
at the stars they are.

Immanent eschaton imminent

Consciousness accelerates complexity
toward incomprehensible density.
We Atmanauts need an atlas
for exploring Ourself as we
spelunk the essential.

We’ll ask the old questions.

The ones they gave up on.
The only ones that matter.
Shed ego, own ignorance,
hold space, give pause…

Gratitude for your presence

We wander wondering “Why?”
collapsing possibilities,
embracing ignorance,
forgetting our selves,
being, knowing, loving,
holding space,
giving pause… We are atmanauts.\

This is our atlas.

Ocean drop spot light search
Truth speaker seeking missiles
Wonder as we wander
We “Why?” open wide.
At last an atlas for atmanauts.

We all play the game.

Who’s got the strategy guide?

Hey Google, whycome everything?

Asking for a friend with an autoanxiolytic विशुद्ध blockade.

I can’t help myself.

I just have so many questions.

Welcome, traveler

To the which than which there is no whicher.

We can has emoji?

I sure would like emoji.

An Atlas for Those Who Ask "Why?"

I began this post in February of 2019. Please bear with me. Somewhat apocryphally, Abe Lincoln tamed the disorder of his Springfield law office with a pile of papers labeled “If you can’t find it anywhere else, look here.” Trying to find a common thread in the research that increasingly consumes me has left me wanting just such an envelope. But, hey, it’s 2019, silicon is the new paper. Why not make it a website?

Swinging on the Well-Being Pendulum

Here in the Postmodern West mired in the totalitarian gridlock of coronavirus, we’re experiencing a crashing tidal wave of techno-stress and agora-loneliness. We have built a flabbergasting array of tools to prevent and assuage suffering and to connect each of us to just about anyone else. And yet, by any account, we are no happier. The Anxiety & Depression Association of America estimates that 18.1% of adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, of which depression is one.

A Theory of Otherhood and the Monorepo

It is a landmark event in anyone’s life: the sudden comprehension that there are others. For most of us, this lightning bolt strikes before we have developed the grammar or syntax we would need to construct a memory of such a concept. Consequently we don’t remember it. But it strikes none the less and we bear the scar throughout our lives. The bolt misses some—perhaps they dodge it—who are no doubt baffled by the rest of us who once were of one mind and now perceive many, who call ourselves members of society, humanity, or civilization.

Cosmology: Nihilism or Mysticism?

Science doesn’t insist that we discard our beliefs, only that we construct them falsifiably, subject them to empirical scrutiny, and serve them with a side of well-documented reproducibility. Still, many, if not all, scientists find—at some point before they give up the ghost—that science has not been enough to explain the wonder of existence, the splendor of the cosmos, the problem of life. Nevertheless some spend their careers mired in nihilistic illusionment, searching for meaning everywhere but at its source, inadvertently misinforming each other and the hoi polloi.


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